team spirit

Cheerleading has a heart big enough for all our dreams! At the center of that heart is your safety. Never stunt or tumble without the direct supervision of a trained and certified coach. To find out more about safety and education for you or your team, visit the National Cheer Safety Foundation website by clicking their logo. Cheer safe & have fun! 

Looking for original music or a mix for your team? These guys are pros. Cheer Sounds also does team training and other things 'cheer'. Check out their music magic by clicking the logo. MIX!!! is the world's FIRST online cheer mix radio station. With listeners all around the world, and an ever growing playlist of over 3000 mixes, plays cheer mixes 24 hours a day.

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Cheer for a Cause is all about the good things cheerleaders to do help better our community our our world! We unite the giving and giving back in our Cheer World. We celebrate the efforts of athletes and teams to help others, unify support for teams experiencing tragedy and raise awareness and funds for causes that affect us.

"Our lives change as we change the lives of others." - Coach Julie

"I like to cheer because it
helps me make new friends
and stay in shape." ~Tori

"I love leading the crowd,
and being able to express
myself on the mat." ~Kylie