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CJC Cheerleaders Vanessa, Kylie, Diamond, Tori & Angelice - clowning with our awesome narrator, Alyse
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Our CJC Team Goal

Coach Julie Cheers is dedicated to increase confidence and success in youth cheerleaders
and their coaches plus give them more time to have fun through producing
age-appropriate training videos of cheers, jumps and motion tech at an affordable price.

A message from Coach Julie...

Cheerleading is all about self confidence, spirit, teamwork, friendships and fun!            I have 15 years experience in youth cheerleading, 10 years as a head coach, and started Coach Julie Cheers to do two main things:

  • Increase individual and team confidence!

  • Help teams have more time for fun!

My first two training videos a
re designed exclusively for cheerleaders ages 10+. A third volume 3 is in the works, and will be specifically for younger cheerleaders, ages 5-9. I'm really looking forward to that one! Volume 4 will teach jump tech and include some awesome retro cheers.

I always tell my squads that if they work as hard at anything else - as hard as they do at cheerleading - they can't help but be successful. I never promised they will win a competition or be the best, and success is something different. It's pride and confidence, earned while working hard and having fun. I hope these videos help you and your team achieve success!

                                                                                                                           Coach :-julie