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"I loved the vid! I love the cheers in it.  My friend & I did the cheers together on a rainy day and it was such a fun day :)!" - Sarah, Allstar Cheerleader

Each of us is unique, beautiful, spirited, strong and proud of who we are! Cheerleading has a heart big enough for all our dreams! We are Cheerleaders Just Like You.

This is the place to learn and sharpen your motion tech and jump skills. Need cheers? We've got 'em! And more are on the way!

Our cheer training videos Volumes 1 & 2 are designed exclusively for cheerleaders ages 10+ who cheer for school, community and allstar teams or are new to cheerleading. And motion tech and cheers are demonstrated by Cheerleaders Just Like You.

Perfect for allstar teams, community & school squads!

Learn and teach proper motion tech and get your entire squad to do the same cheers the exact same way!

Community & School Coaches - Volumes 1 & 2 have enough cheers to get your team ready to cheer at games in record time!

Allstar Coaches - Our fun cheers reinforce motion technique for level 1 and 2 athletes!

Our videos are THE BEST VALUE IN THE CHEER WORLD!  Take a look inside our site and store... we're glad you're here!